Hello Everyone,

I’m thrilled to be welcoming many new members to the Ice Coach Online community this month. To best serve you all with the many ways we can help your skating journey on Patreon and the Ice Coach Online website, I want to let you all know what’s included for you as a valued member.

There are lots of great videos for you on Patreon, but did you know there are A LOT more on the Ice Coach Online website!

Head on over to https://icecoachonline.com/ and use your Patreon login details to access this huge resource website with over 300 tutorial videos. Plus every month, more videos are added for you!

How do the membership tiers work?

  • Patreon members (All tiers): Get access to the Patreon feed and Ice Coach Online website! That’s over 300 tutorial videos to watch!
  • For World Champions and Olympic Champion members, you will get access to Patreon, the website and also a monthly LIVE Q&A session where I invite a guest to join me and answer your questions. Bringing guests in for these Q&A sessions with me will bring an interesting outside perspective, and allow us to learn from other peoples experiences and different coaching styles. These will be accessible from the Patreon feed and also available to watch on the website (Coming soon!). If you can’t make the live events, be sure to message me any questions you might have beforehand, and I’ll be sure to answer it during the Q&A. You will be able to watch these Q&A events after the live stream as they will all be up on the website afterwards! This is for World Champions and Olympic Champion Tiers.
  • For Olympic Champion Members: You get all that plus: You can send me a video of your skating I will happily give you valuable feedback on area’s you can improve and give you some exercises to practice to progress. This can be done via private message or a zoom call. I have limited the number of Olympic Champion members to a maximum of 10 because I only have so much time, and want to make sure I have time for everyone. So please be patient if you have to wait for this exclusive tier.

In addition to the subscription tiers:

We also offer Zoom Lessons!

LIVE specific lessons, off or on ice, for your skating progress! My team of coaches and I are here to provide a friendly, personal learning experience on a 1-2-1 level for any skating problem you need to work on. Just head to https://icecoachonline.com/zoom-lessons/ and you can book a lesson today. We get great results and feedback from our students training with us both off the ice and on ice via Zoom. We also do a weekly group class schedule covering all areas of skating from stretching, to ballet, to fitness! The timetable is listed below, check it out! If you are unable to attend one of the classes due to the time of them not working for you, you can still book and request a recording of the class. We will record the live class and send you the link afterwards to watch at your convenience.


If you have any requests for content or suggestions, please do let me know either in the comments below or via a message. This is always greatly appreciated! I also really like it when people leave comments and questions on the videos. It can really help other members if something wasn’t quite clear enough in the video itself. If you like the work I do and believe in the project, please send me a testimonial which I can use in promotional content, that would be a huge help.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.


Lloyd ❤️