Tutorial Videos

Welcome to the Ice Coach Online tutorial video library.
The videos are organised into different categories and are the perfect way to brush up on your knowledge between lessons and learn new things at your own pace!

Figure Skating Lessons

All Videos

Go here is you want a page with every video I have ever created. You can use the search bar to look for something specific across the whole collection. For a more organized look at the collection, try the links below instead!

Beginner Figure Skating

Beginner Skating

Are you just starting out? Are you working on Learn to Skate moves and mastering the Basics? These are the videos for you!

Free Skating Ice Coach Online

Free Skating

So you want to be like Yuzuru Hanyu right? Here are the videos for you! You can learn all of the jumps and spins here, along with some helpful exercises to help take your free skating to the next level.

More videos will be added in the future, if you have a request please let us know!

Footwork Ice Coach Online


You like doing turns, edges, and steps? These are for you! These videos cover everything from basic slip steps, to crossroads, right up until advanced turn combinations!

-Turns cover things like 3 turns, choctaws, rockers etc.
-Step/Edges cover things like crossrolls, closed chasses, outside swings etc.
-Exercises cover moves like the barrel roll, turn combinations etc.

Partner Skating Ice Coach Online

Partner Skating

Do you like skating with someone else on the ice? You’ll love these videos! We cover some basic dances and partner skating holds.

More videos will be added in the future! If you have any requests, please let me know!

Off Ice Training

Off Ice

We have a lot of off ice content to help you improve without stepping one foot onto the ice! The work that you can do off the ice is highly underrated. Since the lockdown, we filmed a lot of new Off-Ice content and you can find it all here.

Figure Skating Tricks

Fun Tricks

Want to do the fun stuff on the ice? This is where you can learn spread eagles, cantilevers, lunges etc. 

Figure Skating Help

Other Videos

Here you can find everything else I have created! Such as Vlogs, blade mounting, technical analysis of other skaters, inline skating etc.