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Figure Skating Private Lessons

Private Lesson

This is a private session with one of the Ice Coach Online team. We can work on whatever is needed to take your skating to the next level.

Off Ice Skating Technique

Skating Technique Off Ice

In this class, Olympic figure skaters Lloyd, Maksym, or Louise teach you skating techniques on the floor. We give different versions of the exercises in this class, so it is recommended for all levels.

Figure Skating Jump Training

Jump Training

In this class we will work on your off ice jump technique, strength exercises along with balance techniques.

With Louise

Figure Skating Ballet Lessons

Skater Ballet

Team GB ice dancer and principal show skater Louise teaches a group Ballet class aimed at improving strength, balance, and flexibility for skaters.

With Louise

Spinner Training

In this group class, we are getting out the spinner! Louise teaches everyone how to get the most out of their spinner as we practice different spins and twizzles!

With Louise

Figure Skating Flexibility Training

Skater Flexibility

Louise will lead you through a stretching session designed to improve your flexibility, enhance relaxation, enable balance and core strength gain. Suitable for levels and abilities.

With Louise

Figure Skating Strength and Fitness Lessons

Skater Fitness

In this class, world and European skater and qualified personal trainer Louise takes you through a skater specific workout.

With Louise