We have started offering online lessons via zoom! We are available to work on anything that is needed to take your skating to the next level. This can be a private 1 to 1 or a group session.

The system is easy, you simply click on the link below and follow the steps to schedule a lesson:


The calendar is set up so that our availability is translated to your time zone automatically. It also allows us all to save time with scheduling as this system does not allow us to be double booked.

Time slots will be on a first come first serve basis.

I chose to limit the group session to 5 so that you can still get feedback from us during the class. I feel anymore than this may just turn into a basic follow along class ( which we may include further down the line as well). For the moment we are keeping things a little smaller and exclusive to ensure we can provide a quality service. 

Booking and payments can be done directly through the link, and emails are sent out automatically with a zoom link to the class.

Any questions? Please let me know!

Lloyd ❤️